The Christensen Fund

TCF support northern Kenya communities to sustain their cultural and natural heritage and to achieve sustainable development. The Trust strives to build the capacity of local communities to effectively revive their traditional governance structures, protect their ancestral landscape, document and transmit their indigenous knowledge; promote cultural identity and support inter-ethnic harmony; promote culturally appropriate education, enhance cultural expression; integrate environmental conservation and management and to enhance opportunities and diversified livelihoods options.

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Tamalpais Trust

Enhancing cross-border bio-cultural connections in northern Kenya to safeguard natural sacred landscapes, spiritual practices and to build capacity of Indigenous Institutions.

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GEF/SGP Project

Application of Bio-cultural Community Protocols (BCP) to mainstream Sustainable Land Management Practices in the Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL) environment of Kenya.

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Indigenous Peoples Assistant Facility (IPAF)

Strengthening the Gabbra traditional social security network systems based on livestock loaning system to enhance sustainable livelihoods, self-reliance and resilience of the community. 

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Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty

The establishment of an Indigenous Pollinators Network to create awareness on the critical role of pollinators to food security and communities’ well-being and survival

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MacArthur Foundation

The proposed project will protect the ecological integrity of Lake Turkana ecosystem by increasing the understanding of all stakeholders including oil exploration companies, the national and the local county governments and local communities of the unique biodiversity value of the lake.

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Towards the development of Waso Rangeland Bio-Cultural Community Protocol to address emerging threats to grazing resources for the Waso Borana pastoralists of Isiolo District. This project aimed:-

  • to rally community voices against threats to the culture, indigenous knowledge, grazing land, biodiversity resources and lifestyle defined by strategic mobility

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This programme is designed to capacity build existing indigenous community change makers to become facilitators of Participatory Video for Social Change (PV) in their communities, regions and beyond.

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The Mize Family Foundation

Promoting community understanding and adaptation to climate change in Chalbi District, northern Kenya by empowering indigenous youth in the rangelands to understand and assess the impacts of climate change on the future of their bio cultural heritage through observations, intercultural dialogue and intergenerational alliance.

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