Photo Galleries

Below we present a list of Photo Galleries from our events and programmes.

Kalacha 2013

  • Ajema Group

    Ajema group(Gabbra) from Forolle -Marsabit County

  • Bismillahi Women Group

    Bismillahi women group (Somali)from North Horr- Marsabit County

  • Adaa Jabesa Women Group

    Adaa Jabesa Women Group(Borana) -Marsabit County

  • Badaa Cultural Group

    Badaa Cultural Group(Borana) from Biliqo -Isiolo County

  • Aryon (dasaanach)

    Aryon (Dasaanach) from Illeret -Marsabit County

  • Isiolo Women for Change

    Isiolo women for change -Isiolo County

  • Borolle Women Group

    Borolle women Group (Borana) from Sololo -Marsabit County

  • Gurapau from Loiyangalani

    Gurapau(El-molo) from Loiyangalani -Marsabit County

  • Burusayo Cultural Group

    Burusayo Cultural Group (Waata)-isiolo county

  • Camel Parade

    Camel parade 2

  • Camel Parade

    Camel Parade

  • Damesa

    Damesa (Borana) from kulamawe-Isiolo County

  • Faiya Down Town

    Faiya down town women group

  • Guyasa

    Guyasa (Borana)from Kinna -Isiolo County

  • Waata Cultural Group

    Waata Cultural Group(Waata) from Garba Tula-isiolo County

  • Turkana Culture and Heritage

    Turkana Culture and Heritage (Turkana) From Ngaremara -Isiolo County

  • Tokkuma Women Group

    Tokkuma women Group (Garri) from Gotu -Isiolo County

  • Liban Group

    Liban Group (Borana) from Bula Pesa-Isiolo county

  • Maikona women Group

    Maikona women group(Gabbra )from Maikona -Marsabit County